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Renewal of Vows

A vow renewal is a beautiful way to celebrate your marriage, love for each other and reaffirm your commitment to one another.


There are so many reasons why couples renew their wedding vows. Maybe you have a milestone wedding anniversary approaching; you now have children and would love them to be part of your day; you have been through difficult times together and come through united and stronger, or perhaps you'd love to do your wedding day all over again, but do things differently.


Whatever your reason, we will work together to create your very special and unforgettable vow renewal. It will be a celebration like no other.

Your vow renewal can be held anywhere, at any time and include anything you wish.

The ceremony will reflect you and incorporate your personalities, passions and beliefs.

You may want to repeat your original vows, write new ones or have a beautiful blend of both.

We would have an initial meeting to discuss any ideas you may have for your vow renewal ceremony and what you would like to include. I’ll make lots of suggestions too. From involving your friends and family, lighting a unity candle, and a sand ceremony…... so many things to choose from.

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