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When a loved one dies, it is always a very painful and distressing time and there are, inevitably, decisions to be taken about the funeral. Perhaps the most important question of all is, what kind of funeral do you really want?

Every family is different, and not everyone wants the same type of funeral. The choice may be influenced by religious and cultural traditions, by cost and personal preferences, or by the express wishes of the deceased.

While many people in the UK still choose a 'traditional' religious funeral service, an increasing number are finding that their personal preferences are best accommodated within a Civil Funeral ceremony.

A Civil Funeral can include religious elements of whatever faith or no religious content at all. Other elements such as music or readings can be included to best reflect the wishes of everyone involved.

With my help you can find the most appropriate and meaningful ceremony for this final act of love and respect for your loved one. After meeting you to find out all about them, you will receive a personally written ceremony script which is meaningful, celebratory, sympathetic, and altogether honourable in representing the deceased and their grieving family.

I am also available to undertake the scattering of ashes or plan and lead a memorial service.

Pet Funerals

As a dog owner and lover of animals, I know only too well how devastating it is to lose a beloved pet.

Every pet owner knows that a loved pet is more than just an animal – they are part of the family. When a pet dies, for many of us the grief can be as great as if we had lost a person. 


A heartfelt, dignified ceremony enables you to honour and give thanks for the life of your pet and all they brought to your life.

As a Civil Celebrant I can work with you to create and deliver a unique and personalised ceremony. I will offer guidance, support and advice to help ensure the occasion is heartfelt and joyous.

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